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In 1991, at the recommendation of a member of the International Olympic Committee, Anne became a Certified Mediator.  Since then, she has mediated over 1000 cases for the private sector, government entities, universities, non-profits, communities, and individuals. 

She teaches mediation at UNM’s Anderson School of Management as well as for various other entities.

In 2019, Peace Talks Radio did a show on Anne's 40-hour Mediation Skills class - it features Anne and 4 students talking about what mediation is and how they are applying it.


Corporate Trainer

Anne first employed her engaging training skills while living in Brazil, and then later while working with the YMCA of the USA and as a Training Manager for Sprint PCS.  For more than 30 years she has enjoyed creating and delivering specialized trainings for all levels, from entry level to top management. 

She is faculty at UNM's Anderson School of Management's Executive and Professional Education Center where she teaches mediation, communication, and negotiation skills, as well as other leadership classes for professionals of all levels. 

University of New Mexico Senior Associate Ombuds

Anne works as an ombuds where she provides a safe place for individuals and groups to voice and clarify concerns, understand conflict situations, and find effective ways to respond.

The UNM Ombuds Office is an independent department that provides strictly confidential, impartial, and informal conflict resolution and problem-solving services.  Anne is a member of the International Ombuds Association, a Certified Organizational Ombuds Practitioner (CO-OP), and a certified Restorative Justice practitioner.  UNM Ombuds Services



Anne's Mission Statement

To create, facilitate and engage in experiences that are positively life changing for all involved, while operating a profitable, ethical business.

Anne's Guiding Principles:

  • Integrity: my actions and words are consistent with my values                       
  • Excellence: provide excellent services that delight the client and me  
  • Greater good: dedication to the greater good
  • Growth: continuous learning, pursuing opportunities
  • Generosity: volunteer, give share
  • Gratitude: consistently acknowledge that it's a gift to be able to utilize my talents to co-create interactions and outcomes which enrich lives
  • Have fun



There have been so many people throughout my life and career who have generously given me their time, their trust, wisdom, and resources.  I am immeasurably grateful to and for them - the legion of angels who have guided, encouraged and supported me so that I am able to do what I love every day.  Thank you!

Call Anne today at 505.453.1174 to open the door to your team and organization's potential.

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