Anne's areas of expertise in mediation:

  • Workplace
  • Community
  • Interpersonal 

Who likes conflict?

Most of us dread it so we tend to avoid certain people, conversations, and situations.  And yet there is a cost to leaving the situation unaddressed: a cost to you, your health, your organization and those you care about.

What is mediation & how does it work?

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential, and informal way for people who are experiencing conflict to meet, discuss their concerns, and make decisions together, with the assistance of an impartial mediator. 

The mediator facilitates a process in which the parties talk, listen, and work through their conflict. A mediator does not advise on or decide the outcome; rather the mediator assists the parties as they work towards their own resolution of the conflict, ensuring greater commitment.

What clients have said about Anne's work as a mediator:

"Anne did a wonderful job of re-establishing trust where there was none."

"We could not have done this without Anne's patience and guidance.  Thank you!"

"After almost two years of trying, unsuccessfully, to resolve a grievance, we contracted with Anne to provide professional mediation services. As we entered into the mediation process, none of us was optimistic that even this would be successful. Then Anne began her work. With her assistance, we were able to bring all of the grievance issues to closure with a mutually-agreed upon resolution. More importantly, we were able to begin the process of healing."

"We can't thank Anne enough - we are so pleased to have this behind us."

UNM Faculty 

Anne is a faculty member at UNM's Anderson School of Management's Executive and Professional Education Center.  She teaches, among other things, a 40-hour Mediation Skills class each semester to HR professionals, attorneys, organizational leaders and executives, as well to anyone looking to improve their listening, negotiating and problem-solving skills.

In 2019, Peace Talks Radio did a show on Anne's 40-hour Mediation Skills class - it features Anne and 4 students talking about what mediation is and how they are applying it.

Contact Anne today for a confidential, free consultation: 505.453.1174

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