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Some of Anne's areas of expertise and trainings:

Communication and Conflict Management Skills Classes


Difficult Conversations:  Start Here to End Well
Conflict is inevitable and is simply a signal that something needs to change.  Research shows that conflict, when managed well, strengthens relationships and teams, and can serve as a catalyst for innovation and growth.  In this workshop, based on the best-selling book Crucial Conversations®, you'll learn an essential first step necessary for healthy conflict and productive conversations. 


Are We Talking About the Same Things?  Getting Clear Can be the Difference Between Success, Failure, Frustration and Ease. 
People in the same conversation often have different and conflicting goals, without even knowing it.  If that’s not tricky enough, a person’s goals can evolve and change, even during a single conversation.  The quality of a conversation and the outcome is dependent on how well we balance attention to the task, relational, and identity goals and conflicts.


Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast
The title is a quote by Peter Drucker, a management consultant, author, and educator.  He finds that if we attend to strategy and fail to attend to culture, then the strategy will oftentimes fail.  In facilitated workshops, groups focus on their culture in order to support their mission, goals and strategies.   Teams come together to identify their internal and/or external core values and behaviors.  Internal core values and behaviors guide and support successful teamwork, and external core values and behaviors inform decision-making and actions for the outward-facing work.  Based on the research Dr. Brene Brown shared in her book Dare to Lead.  


Collaboration: What Key Skill Allows You to Overcome Obstacles and Build Bridges?
Participants will discover and practice an essential skill which will help them collaborate more effectively, find common ground, demonstrate respect, and possibly change the world.  


Mediation Certification (40-hour Basic Mediation Training for Certification) 

Truth be told, mediation skills are life skills.  In addition to resolving conflicts, mediation skills can increase productivity, save time and money, create a safer workplace, and promote a climate of collaboration.

Managerial and Organizational Excellence

Customized Team Building and Organization Retreats

What clients have said about Anne's trainings:

"Outstanding - this training will have a profound affect on how I deal with issues at work."

"Anne's class has made me a better person."

"I have never learned so much in any class."

“Anne-I got in to Harvard! Thank you for your wonderful support during a time when I really needed it. Your class was the best of the entire series.”

“I am not sure that I have taken a class that has impacted me as much as Anne’s mediation course did.”

“I have learned more practical knowledge in this course than I thought possible.  Anne was amazing and I'll be recommending this course to co-workers/friends.”

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